Uche Uzoka

Kids Baking Masterclass

Friday, April 26th, 2024
04:00 pm – 05:00 pm
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Chef Uche Annie Uzoka is the Founder and Creative Director of Gourmet Twist, a rapidly expanding culinary brand with a presence in Lagos, Nigeria, and Atlanta, GA. Specializing in pastries and Afro-infused dishes, Chef Uche's culinary journey began after completing her studies at the University of Lagos and Reddish Culinary School. Fueled by her passion for cooking and a desire to offer unique culinary experiences, she ventured into entrepreneurship and launched Gourmet Twist in 2017.

Chef Uche's dedication to excellence in pastry and culinary arts, along with her commitment to showcasing the rich flavors of Nigerian cuisine, have earned her widespread acclaim and admiration. As she continues to expand Gourmet Twist's reach and explore new culinary frontiers, Chef Uche remains steadfast in delivering unforgettable dining experiences that celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of African cuisine.