Maunika Gowardhan

A Joyful Celebration of Indian Home Cooking

Sunday, April 28th, 2024
02:20 pm – 03:20 pm
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Maunika Gowardhan is an Indian chef and bestselling author, with a career that stems from her love for authentic flavours, cooking techniques and being able to share a fresh perspective on the cuisine.  Through her work in food she creates and shares traditional Indian dishes with exciting flavours and ingredients that are reflective of her heritage and upbringing in Mumbai. Her approach to cooking is simple and enticing with the use of earthy spices, fresh herbs & blends that are synonymous with India, based around dishes that are accessible and recipes that are cooked from communities across India; many of which have been part of her own family for generations.  Maunika is a popular contributor to titles including Good Housekeeping, olive magazine, BBC Food and BBC 1’s Morning Live, and is the contributing editor for Vogue India often writing about the London food scene. Tandoori Home Cooking is her third cookbook; her much-anticipated second book, Thali became a Times bestseller, and followed her internationally loved debut cookbook, Indian Kitchen.