Ryan Mitchell

The Art of Whole Hog BBQ

Sunday, April 28th, 2024
06:20 pm – 07:20 pm
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With a legendary pitmaster for a dad, Ryan Mitchell grew up enveloped by the aroma of barbecue. Ryan has been prepping hogs and tending coals alongside his dad, Ed Mitchell, for as long as he can remember. Whilst barbecue is in his blood, Ryan was not always eager to take up his father’s mantle. Instead, he was ready to forge his own path. However, the 2008 financial crisis quickly changed everything for him. He had to make significant life choices and realized that his heart and heritage were back in Barbecue. 

Since then, he has worked with his father, continuing his family barbecue legacy and even earning the title of Pitmaster himself. Today, Ryan has become the face of the Mitchell family’s renowned craft. Ryan is one of the few remaining pitmasters to keep this barbecue tradition alive.