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Despite the pandemic putting a damper on Charleston’s otherwise lively nightlife, Graft Wine Shop managed to sustain itself as a local favorite with national appeal.

Co-owners and sommeliers Miles White and Femi Oyediran first met in 2008 while working as busboys at the Charleston Grill. As the youngest members of staff with a mutual love of wine, the two formed a bond that endured through the years, even while their careers took them on different paths.

For White, the journey included various wine-related stints in the U.S. and abroad, along with completing the Culinary Institute of America’s wine and beverage program.

Oyediran continued to hone his expertise, eventually becoming an advanced sommelier and winning multiple wine competitions. Determined to put their mark on Charleston’s wine scene, the friends reunited and opened Graft in 2018. Graft quickly became a local favorite offering guests an attractive space to buy and sample wines with an emphasis on biodynamic farming and sustainable practices. Graft’s popularity grew quickly, eventually reaching an audience outside Charleston.

It wasn’t long before White and Oyediran became known on a national level with press from The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and more.

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