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Award-winning Celebrity Chef Dipna Anand grew up in London amongst a family of chefs. Feeding the nation ‘real authentic’ Indian food at their famous Brilliant Restaurant in Southall (voted as part of Ramsay’s Best for Channel 4), of which Dipna is now co-owner.

Dipna began work at the Brilliant restaurant at a young age, learning all the top tricks, and secret recipes as well as creating her own signature dishes. Her passion for cooking as well as being keen to teach others to cook stemmed from the way Dipna had been taught by her own father, who in turn was taught by his father. Dipna’s mum is also a master of her kitchen at home and to date, Dipna still picks up key secrets and tips from her mum who Dipna believes is the best chef she knows.

To gain further knowledge and insight into the industry she loved, Dipna studied and gained a first-class honors degree in Hospitality and Catering from The University of West London and was awarded a post-graduate scholarship. During her scholarship, she began teaching Indian cuisine at the university and soon after started lecturing in Catering and Hospitality in four colleges and University establishments, in and around London, which she still carries out today.

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