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Master Chef Daryl L. Shular is not only one of the most talented and respected chefs in the country, but he is also one of America’s elite History Makers! In 2014, Chef Shular etched his name in the culinary history books by becoming the first African American and minority to successfully pass the grueling 130-hour; eight-day test known as the Master Chef exam. After years of preparation and personal sacrifice, Chef Shular prevailed and earned the culinary industry’s highest honor, the designation known as Certified Master Chef (CMC).

He is consistently on tour throughout the US to empower culinary students to not just follow in his footsteps but to go beyond. He often tells his listeners “that while the ACF CMC exam is the most challenging culinary skills test in the world, it’s something I’ve pursued my entire career. It simply shows that if you are determined and believe in yourself, dreams can and will come true”.

As if earning the status of CMC wasn’t enough, Chef Shular has a history of embracing challenges and overcoming the odds. As a member of the American Culinary Federation since 1993, he has received over twelve gold medals and eight “Best in Shows” in local and national competitions.

Chef Shular has a culinary school, multiple recipe books, and even a television show displaying his skills and continuing his mission to teach others how to live a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying the art of culinary cuisines! He has earned the respect due to being a Master Chef and he continues to make historical trails.

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