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Paul Wayne Gregory is a chocolate expert with over 20 years experience in the catering industry.

Renowned for creating artistic masterpieces using chocolate, Paul started out as a baker and then becoming a main kitchen chef, before finding his “true love” in pastries. He honed his skills in pastries working with Monsieur Jean Valentine, a Grand Master in classic patisserie, after which he worked for world-renowned pastry and chocolate master, Oriol Balaguer. Since then, Paul has dominated the world of chocolates and has earned the audience of many elite clients including the Queen of England, who he made chocolates for, on her 80th birthday.

Since opening his Chocolate company, Paul Wayne Gregory Ltd, in 2009, Paul has won numerous awards and recognitions, including being voted in I Magazine’s top 10 chocolate makers list, winning the “Highly Commended” award by Observer food magazine and elected as a member of the Ambassadors Chocolate Academy.

On Sunday, April 28th 2019, Paul will be at the GTBank Food and Drink Festival, to share with his audience The Confection of a Chocolate Connoisseur.

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