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Kinorah Awini, is a Ghanaian-based African food connoisseur, food blogger and founder of Telande World, a culinary company which means “Eat with Me”.

Kinorah’s love for cooking started at an early age, when she spent a great deal of time watching her father, who was a cook, and her mother, who was the family’s food critic. Since then, Kinorah has solidified her name as a champion of African ingredients, using them to create exciting new recipes.

Kinorah’s belief in effective presentation of African cuisine and ingredients across borders led her to open TelandeWorld, a culinary company and a community for food lovers. The recipes hosted on Telande, which perfectly mirrors this vision, are made with brevity in mind and are highly experimental for easy practice at home by food lovers.

Kinorah will be at the GTBank Food and Drink Festival on Tuesday, April 30th 2019, to speak on Creating Evergreen Content for Food.

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