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Chef Cristian Duhalde is the owner and creative director of La Travena, an esoteric Latin America and Spanish restaurant, based in Lagos, Nigeria. The restaurant is famous for offering the ‘Best Pizza in Lagos’.

Chef Duhalde started his career in 1996, after graduating from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, working at several restaurants in Chile, his home country, Spain, Peru and France. While he honed his skills as a chef, he won many awards including Chile’s National Champion of Chefs in 2004, among many others.

In 2008, Chef Duhalde moved to Nigeria to begin another chapter in his career, working at the prestigious restaurant ‘villa Medici and la Scala’, and holding private dinners at many landmark locations including the presidential villa, Aso Rock. In 2013, Chef Duhalde opened his restaurant, La Travena, with specificity in Latin America and Spanish cuisine. Since it’s opening, the restaurant has gained popularity among food lovers and has expanded its reach to Abuja, Nigeria.

Chef Duhalde will be at the GTBank Food and Drink Festival on Monday, April 29th 2019, to discuss Tasting your way to Latin America.

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