Natasha Butler

The Origin of Okra Gumbo

Saturday April 29, 2023
02:30pm - 03:30pm
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Born, bred and raised in New Orleans. Chef Natasha Butler aka “Chef T” is one of the most sought after Private Chefs and Caterers in NOLA.


Chef Natasha and her business partner Deadra Despenza rose from the flood waters ofHurricane Katrina to become the community’s go to for the delicious “Supper”plate and for help. During the recent hurricane Ida in 2021, Chef T received a grant to help feed displaced families. This is a common practice for Season’s of Louisiana and Chef T’s team, they feed the elderly providing free meals regularly.


Chef Natasha is a self-published Author launching her first cookbook entitled, “A Supper Jump-Started My Culinary Career,” in 2018 and is currently working on her second cookbook. She is the proud recipient of the ACF’s Best Chef Award2020, Queen NOLA Gambit 2021 and the most recommended Chef on social media’s,“Where Black Nola Eats.”


Patrons from throughout the world love Season’s of Louisiana and Chef Natasha. She travels all over bringing her unique cuisine, quiet demeanour, focus, passion and precision to many private kitchens.

Celebrities near and far know Chef Natasha. From NOLA’s own Wuzzam Supa to the legendary Ms. Lauryn Hill and Mr. Wyclef Jean. Ask Ms. Jill Scott who sang and raved over her delicious New Orleans cuisine. She has had the pleasure of serving other like; Mr. Anthony Hamilton, Mr. Kirk Franklin and the NBA’s Detroit PistonsTeam just to name a few.

Chef Natasha is more than a household name in NOLA, she is an international Chef.