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Elizabeth Solaru is the founder of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, one of the best wedding cake companies in the world. Recently named as one of the world’s “Masterful 100,” her creations have been featured in numerous international publications including Wedluxe, Strictly Weddings and The Telegraph, amongst several others.

Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium creates beautifully handcrafted cakes that are adorned with the most realistic edible jewelry, sugar flowers, lace, pearls and gems. She regularly features on BBC and Sky TV and is the only three time winner of The Great Cake Bake, a show which features the best wedding cake makers in the UK.

On Tuesday (5:00pm – 6:00pm), May 1st, Elizabeth Solaru will be at the GTBank Food and Drink Fair to facilitate a Masterclass on how to make great wedding cakes.

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