Highlights from the 2019 GTBank Food and Drink Fair – Day 3 & 4

The third day of the GTBank Food & Drink Festival, resumed with the arrival of new vendors and a whole different food and drink experience. The guests treated themselves to this selection of awesomeness while they prepared for the evening masterclasses. These happened against the now familiar backdrop of music, games, and sporadic celebrity appearances.

The first masterclass of the day was taught by Ghana’s darling food blogger, Kinorah Awini, who serenaded the audience with her knowledge of shaping the perfect narrative for food. Her session was immediately followed by Living the Dream with Chocolate, a masterclass taken by the Chocolate king himself, Angus Kennedy.

The day ended with an unplanned dance competition which saw guests challenge each other’s dancing skills with steps just as delightful as the food and drinks on display.

Step in, Day 4.

Now, it was an even more crowded and spirited affair, thanks to the really timely public holiday. It was also a day of interesting Masterclasses and anyone of the experts could have easily made for headliners, from Duff Goldman’s talking drum-esque cake design to Jeff Mauro’s comedy-cooking performance, Melina Hammer’s romance with food photography, Raphael Duntoye’s art of simplicity, Tregaye Fraser’s mind-blowing pudding, and Ton Tasanakajohn’s reinvention of traditional Thai recipes. A delicious lineup just fit for that kind of day.

The GTBank Food and Drink Festival would witness more celebrity appearances and it soon became casual to find guests taking selfies with their favorite online influencers, who also moved from one food stand to the other, food in hand and mouth.

Families with kids happily invaded the play centre, a major attraction for their wards who had access to a variety of games. Others simply stepped into the Habari experience centre with dancing shoes to rock the silent disco in pairs.

The day would reach its peak by the time Ton Tasanakajohn ended his masterclass with a resounding “Thank You” in Yoruba and had received three Nigerian names from members of the audience. Guests then exited  the atrium to even more resounding fireworks whose sparkle spread into the dark sky above, a testament to the great four days that everyone had just experienced.