Angus Kennedy

Angus Kennedy is Britain’s chief chocolate expert and the founder of the London Chocolate Forum, one of the most successful chocolate events in the United Kingdoms’s food industry calendar. Angus is also the editor of the acclaimed and long-established Kennedy’s Confection journal and the owner of Kennedy’s Publications UK.

With decades of experience in the chocolate industry and a wide media reach, Angus is widely regarded, not only as a world’s leading chocolate expert, but also a thought leader and shining light in business and personal development. He has been featured and interviewed on television programs such as: NBC’s Today, The BBC, Bloomberg, BBC World, Al Jazeera TV, to name a few. He is also credited with creating the most watched chocolate video online, which netted a record 13 million Facebook views.

Angus will be at the GTBank Food and Drink Festival on Tuesday, April 30th 2019, to share his extensive knowledge on Living the Dream with Chocolate.

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